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Fleck CFM-1.5-5800SXT-GRNSAND Backwashing Filter

Fleck CFM-1.5-5800SXT-GRNSAND Backwashing Filter


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Fleck CFM-1.5-5800SXT-GRNSAND Backwashing Filter

Manganese Greensand (iron and hydrogen sulfide removal) 1.5CUFT; GRNSAND; 5800SXT RT10X54

This is a self-backwashing system that automatically removes the trapped contaminants within the filter bed and washes them down the drain. This is accomplished with the electronic control valve that is mounted on top of the main Manganese Greensand tank. This valve is controlled by a timer, that on a regular interval, initiates the backwash cycle that cleans the bed of filtration media and resets it for the next period of filtration.

The system connects to the main line of your home and filters all the incoming water to it. It requires a nearby power outlet for the control valve.

The filtration media we use is called Manganese Greensand Media. Greensand is a high quality, high capacity filtration media for hydrogen sulfide, iron and manganese removal. Greensand works on the potassium permanganate for an oxidation reaction, but itself remains unchanged. In other words the hydrogen sulfide, iron and manganese are actually oxidized on the Greensand Media and a simple backwashing cleans the bed of coagulated matter.

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