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Portfolio Tag: Ionized

AlkaFresh™ 9 Ionizer

High end performance for a mid range price The AlkaFresh™ 9 gives you the performance and features of a high-end ionizer at a price the competes with mid-range ionizers. Thanks to the AlkaFresh™ 9’s plates, it easily reaches a pH of over 11, with an antioxidant ORP of around -800. For the price, you can’t…
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LIFE Ionizers™ Next Generation M9C Water Ionizer

The NEW 2014 Next Generation Life Ionizers™ are here! GUARANTEED for life - parts & labor Comes with FREE water report analysis Multi stage filter system with FREE pre-filter system The new 2015 Next Generation Life Ionizers™ M-9 combines an all new MAX Yield power™ system with MAX Plates™ to make it hands-down the most…
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Life LC-11 Ionizer

New 2015 model has a new PCB with dual built-in fans to keep this machine's system cool for greater durability. The upgrades also includes an advanced flow meter. The alkaline drinking water trend is skyrocketing! Make sure that your business offers purified ionized alkaline water, and everyone will thank you! The LIFE LC-11 has more…
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Miracle Counter Top Water Ionizer

7 Electrode Plates Lower Wattage with Optimal Performance The Miracle Makes Some of the Highest and Lowest pH Levels of Any Ionizer On board 5 Micron Chemical-Free Filter Easy Controls pH consistency Self-clean function Auto-Adjust function Auto Shut-off function Chemical-Free Strong Acidic Water TGet the water ionizer that Dr. Robert O. Young, author of "The…
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The Alka Prime™ S9C Ionizer

The Alka Prime™ Ionizer is a quality 9 plate water ionizer that is made in South Korea with a price point that is not much more than the questionable ionizers made in Taiwan or China. It has many of the great features of top-end 9 plate water ionizers, but makes a few reasonable compromises to…
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