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Portfolio Tag: Filtration Systems Commercial

Everpure Insurice Single-i2000І Water Filtration System EV932401

eplaces the older I-2000 Single systems. Everpure Model # EV932401 i2000І Ice Water Filtration Single system comes complete with QC71 Single Head, featuring Everpure's patented 1/2 micron precoat filtration technology with self-contained scale inhibitor feed. **Ideal for most cubers up to 750 lbs./day or flakers up to 1,500 lbs./day. Removes Cyptosporidium and Giardia cysts, asbestos…
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Everpure Insurice Triple-i4000І Water Filtration System EV932503

The Everpure # EV932503 i4000І Triple Filtration System Comes Complete As Shown with "3" new and improved i4000І cartridges featuring Micro-Pure II media with antimicrobial protection to inhibit any potential bacteria growth. The # EV932503 i4000І Triple Filtration System features 1/2 micron precoat technology for icemaker feeders with self-contained scale inhibitor feed. **Ideal for Higher…
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Everpure Insurice Twin-i2000І Water Filtration System EV932402

The Everpure # EV932402 Insurice Twin i2000І Ice filtration system features Everpure's patented 1/2 micron precoat technology, and comes complete as shown, designed for icemaker feeders with self-contained scale inhibitor feed. Same Model Number. New replacement for the Older I-2000 Twin Systems. Ideal for most cubers up to 1,450 lbs./day or most flakers up to…
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Hoshizaki H9320-53

Triple Cartridge Water Filter System uses Replacement Cartridge 4HC-H Is compatible with Hoshizaki E-20 Prefilters (9795-90) Keep ice makers functioning at full capacity Reduce up to 99.9% of disinfectant chlorine from incoming water supply, eliminating off tastes and odors of the ice Will filter out dirt and rust particles as small as 1/2 micron producing…
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Pentek Us-1500 Monitored Drinking Water System

NSF Certified to reduce 43 different VOCs, lead, cysts, mercury, asbestos, and chlorine taste & odor, and sediment. Includes an electronic monitor that tracks your water usage. Includes a long reach drinking water faucet and installation parts. Utilizes the Pentek P-250 filter cartridge set. Can also be used with the Culligan D-250a. The Pentek US-1500…
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Water Factory Systems Faucetmate Fm-2 Cto Drinking Water System

The Water Factory Systems FM-2 CTO Drinking Water System is designed to provide the best performance against the broadest range impurities. This two stage filtration system features a 5 micron sediment filter to reduce sediment, dirt and rust and a carbon block filter to reduce chlorine, taste and odor. 5 Micron Sediment Filtration Chlorine, Taste…
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