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WPS is a Military Veterans operated business that provides residential and commercial Water Filtration services in San Diego, California and Surrounding Areas.

The Company was created due to the growing demand of pure Water in the Southern California Area. It is a well- known fact that this area gets very low precipitation per year that’s why we have to bring the most part of our potable water from outside of the State. That makes it very pricey and also drops considerably the Quality of our Tap Water.
We all know the importance of high quality water for our health and body that is Why our highly educated and experienced team decided to move forward and to find the best working solution that will help us get the most pure and clean water right from our tap.
We have been building relationships as a prime water treatment contractor in the San Diego area for over 2 years. Our technicians are knowledgeable, dependable and trust worthy, which is why our customers continue to call us for repair service and installation needs.

San Diego Drinking Water and Filtration

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WPS brings the best thinking into San Diego drinking water and filtration systems, our products meet the highest certifications for quality. We take the time to learn about the particular water issues residential or office. WPS is using leading Water Filtration Systems that provide bottled water-quality drinking water right from your tap. It also saves you valuable space in your refrigerator as you don’t need to store bottles of drinking water anymore. WPS offers the lowest prices for Water Filtration Systems, Parts and Labor.
Our goal is not only to provide you with clean water in your house and office, but also to meet our customers demand for 100%.

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