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Water Treatment


WPS offers one of the widest product ranges of Drinking Water Systems, Water Softeners, Coolers components and equipment for the supply, connection and distribution of purified water. We supply certified equipment for the different installation technologies worldwide.


WPS offers maintenance, services for retaining, restoring or replacing a Water Filters, pumps, membranes or entire filtration system to the specified operable condition and to achieve its maximum useful life. Includes corrective maintenance and preventive maintenance.

Delivery Service

WPS provides distribution to our customers of Water Conditioning Products such as salt, resin, filters, membranes, tanks, pipes, parts etc. We ensure that customers receive the best possible service through proven processes and cutting edge technology.

Removal / Reinstall

WPS provides a comprehensive package of equipment and Water Filtration Systems relocation services that place treatment systems back into water production. WPS will move and reinstall equipment at a new location while keeping within the budget and timeline of the project.

Online Store

WPS-SHOP is a flexible, intuitive way to buy filtration products online. Our Online store merchandize Faucets, Fittings / Valves, Membranes, Parts & Accessories, Pumps / Motors, Refrigerator Filters and System Filters for reliable price and fast shipping.


Faucet Repair & Installation, Our experienced technicians always repair broken or leaky fixtures in order to avoid costly replacements. Our professionals arrive ready to work with all of the tools and parts needed to complete the job. From leaky faucets to broken shower heads.

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Get Rid Of Hard Water Problems And Enhance The Taste Of Water Using A Water Softener, Water Filtration Or Purification System

softener system

Softener Systems

Each of us uses water at home every day. Unfortunately, water in San Diego can become a reason of several problems. As the water is hard in this area, it affects the laundering, as fabrics, which are laundered in hard water wear out up to 15% faster comparing to those washed in soft water. Minerals contained in hard water are able to clog pipes and reduce the life of your toilets, washing machines, dishwashers and water faucets. Cleaning is much easier with soft water and what is more it saves you a great deal of money. We will also help you to save your time as we can deliver and refill your system with the necessary amount of salt in no time, we also can do a basic system check-up and carry out the service of your equipment so you have an enjoyable experience.

filter system

Filtration Systems

Why is a filtration system so important? Here are some reasons why your water filtration is just what you need. First it deals with a bad smell or taste in water, and the system simply takes them away. Moreover there are impurities in the water that can harm your health. In California your water contains chlorine, which is considered to be a carcinogen, it can become a cause of dry skin and hair. It has been suggested by federal government that every home should install a water filtration system to make sure that water is clean and safe. Installation of a filtration system can also save you money on purchasing bottled water as you will have healthy water coming right from your tap.

purification systems

Purification Systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems is considered one of the best means for improvement of drinking water quality; it is recognized by both the Centers for Disease Control and the Environmental Protection Agency. It processes water by forcing it through a co-called “osmotic membrane”. Then the water is pushed through the membrane, leaving any possible impurities behind. The process itself can be lasting that’s why there is a small tank which stores the purified water until it’s needed. After it is available for use, the water runs through a post filter in order to get rid of any unpleasant odor and taste. Eventually this water is simply dispensed from a faucet. Water processed in this way almost corresponds the purity of distilled water but it takes significantly less time and no electricity to produce it.
We cannot continue taking our water for granted any more. Municipal water facilities that are older often do not meet federal quality standards. A lot of distribution facilities are also dealing with the problems due to the budget cuts. Some time ago well water was thought to be pure, but nowadays we should take into consideration a possibility that of the groundwater can also be polluted by a various chemical and biological impurities. Many people now hesitate before drinking tap water. Another alternative is getting bottled water, but it also has a number of disadvantages not only it is hard on the environment as well as creates waste but also can be pretty costly. WPS, Water Purification Systems can provide your family with fresh, healthy, water with excellent taste without any concerns.
Due to numerous stages of filtration, which include reverse osmosis technology our drinking water systems help to remove just about all impurities from your water.

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San Diego Drinking Water and Filtration

Water fountain

WPS brings the best thinking into San Diego drinking water and filtration systems, our products meet the highest certifications for quality. We take the time to learn about the particular water issues residential or office. WPS is using leading Water Filtration Systems that provide bottled water-quality drinking water right from your tap. It also saves you valuable space in your refrigerator as you don’t need to store bottles of drinking water any more. WPS offers the lowest prices for Water Filtration Systems, Parts and Labor.
Our goal is not only to provide you with clean water in your house and office, but also to meet our customers demand for 100%.


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Jen D.

Drinking Water Systems Filtration

Having moved many times over the past several years I have had many RO filters installed in my home. This time, I chose WPS and they exceeded my expectations! David emailed me promptly, took my call the following day and provided excellent, thorough information. The installation was scheduled quickly and Eugene installed the system professionally and efficiently. He answered all of my questions with patience and left no mess. I was pleased when he removed his shoes, but impressed when he even lifted his rolling bags over my carpeting. The fees were reasonable and what I expected based on the quote from David. Best of all my water now tastes clean!

Kel H.

Drinking Water Systems Filtration

I already had a RO purchased from Amazon, and I called WPS up to install the unit for me. Very reasonable price! The installation even included drill my kitchen granite counter top. Other places I checked they charged $175 alone just to drill the granite. The person arrived on time and did his job in a very professional manner. I high recommend WPS company.

James S.

Drinking Water Systems Filtration

Really awesome services. You can get variety of services and products for water systems ranging from installation, service, and repair to drinking water systems, water filtration, and water coolers for your home and business, all to make your life better. With thanks.

M P.

Drinking Water Systems Filtration

Great company. Came out same day and cleaned out my sulfur smelling system. Also, revisited to install new tank free of charge once part was delivered.

Bernard N.

Drinking Water Systems Filtration

Fast and reliable service! I called to ask about how much money I would save from switching from buying water bottle packs to water purification systems. They gave me a quote on and said I would save hundreds of dollars a year. I've always wanted a water purification system for a while now and I'm glad I called WPS company. Would recommend to a friend. Thanks again!

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