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Reverse Osmosis, Water Softeners and Whole House Water Filters

gro membrane

* Double the recovery over standard reverse osmosis elements.
* Rejection performance comparable to standard reverse osmosis elements.
* High rejection stability at high input TDS.
* 100% dry membrane.

salt free softener

* Scale/Contaminant Reduction
* The Activated carbon is used to reduce impurities including organic contaminants, chlorine, chloramine, pesticides, color and much more.
* Quartz, Almandine Garnet for enhanced water clarification.

multi-stage water softener from wps

* Softening resin makes your water silky smooth by reducing scale forming minerals.
* Highly effective catalytic carbon for enhanced chloramines reduction.
* KDF-55 or KDF-85 Redox high purity copper and zinc alloy.

watyer softener with head 5800 series from wps

* Offers high flow rates in a compact design.
* Large color touch screen.
* Programming will not be lost due to power outages.
* Precision cycle positioning using optical sensor

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Jen D.

Drinking Water Systems Filtration

Having moved many times in the course of recent years I have had numerous RO filters installed in my home. This time I picked WPS and they surpassed my desires! David messaged me instantly, accepted my call the next day and gave amazing, intensive data. The installation was planned rapidly and Eugene installed the system professionally and effectively. He addressed the majority of my inquiries with persistence and left no wreckage. I was satisfied when he removed his shoes, yet inspired when he even lifted his moving bags over my covering. The expenses were sensible and what I expected in light of the quote from David. Best of all my water now tastes clean!

Kel H.

Drinking Water Systems Filtration

I already had a RO purchased from Amazon, and I called WPS up to install the unit for me. Very reasonable price! The installation even included drill my kitchen granite counter top. Other places I checked they charged $175 alone just to drill the granite. The person arrived on time and did his job in a very professional manner. I high recommend this company.

James S.

Drinking Water Systems Filtration

Really awesome services. You can get variety of services and products for water systems ranging from installation, service, and repair to reverse osmosis systems, water filtration, and water coolers for your home and business, all to make your life better. With thanks.

M P.

Drinking Water Systems Filtration

Great company. Came out same day and cleaned out my sulfur smelling system. Also, revisited to install new tank free of charge once part was delivered.

Bernard N.

Drinking Water Systems Filtration

Fast and reliable service! I called to ask about how much money I would save from switching from buying water bottle packs to water purification systems. They gave me a quote on and said I would save hundreds of dollars a year. I've always wanted a water purification system for a while now and I'm glad I called this company. Would recommend to a friend. Thanks again!

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